Pink Drone (recorded 15-21 May 2016)


  Pink Drone cover
Pink Drone back cover

Pink Drone (19:10)
the garden of pink lilies (19:52)
oddities on the roadside (18:24)
guardian (21:52)

total time: 79:18


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Released: 13 August 2016
Catalog number: OSC042AS004LP79:18


Cover image is an edited version of Flat Iron Building, Edinburgh by Graeme Pow.

the garden of pink lilies contains a sample of Bee & Flowers by nigelcoop.

oddities on the roadside contains samples of German / English Airport Announcement by euromir, announcements_1 by OnlyTheGhosts, 09-07-15_1714_Starting tram Massarelos by digitopia, conversación de trabajo en Casa Asia de Barcelona by CasaAsiaSons, terrasse-de-cafe by FlorenceArt, French speaker 14122.0kHz by kb7clx, 20081115.female.conversation by dobroide, 2009-07-15-18_06-skaters-casamusica-bin by 20020, and disco_bitch by AmyG.

guardian contains samples of thunder_rain1 by sonospike, BirdCallBackyard2016Long by akooiman, california night time suburb ambience distant traffic by memuse, local traffic spring 01 MS KKS150418_0623 by klankbeeld, ALB's video about street harassment.


Dynamic range stats for Pink Drone

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR10		-2.35 dB 	-15.64 dB 	01 pink drone.aif
 DR11		-2.74 dB 	-17.16 dB 	02 the garden of pink lilies.aif
 DR12		-1.24 dB 	-16.62 dB 	03 oddities on the roadside.aif
 DR11		-1.94 dB 	-15.48 dB 	04 guardian.aif

 Number of files:	4
 Official DR value:	DR11



Creative Commons License
Pink Drone by Abandoned Shorelines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.





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