Farewell From The Lighthouse (recorded 21 Dec 2019 — 22 May 2020)

Well guys, I plan this to be my parting shot under the Abandoned Shorelines moniker. I've done all I could and looking to move on. If this release sees really excessive, it's by design. 10 regular songs and 3 epic/drones/whatever. A few minutes short of 5 hours. Ho boy. It is what is and I'm proud of it.

My musical plans for the future are not quite clear. I probably won't post them on this domain or under the Ratan X name, but just know that somewhere out in space I'm doing new and exciting things. There may be an XR1300 remix album, but that depends if my iMac dies or not. And if I can actually make the songs work in that style. And no, I'm not buying any new Apple products in the foreseeable future.

Free as always. Enjoy if you can. Try not to cry, even if it is tears of joy.

  Farewell From The Lighthouse cover
Farewell From The Lighthouse back cover

from the beginning (05:42)
fist 2019 (06:16)
swimming in the marina (07:23)
sunsets and sangria (05:12)
a sanctuary for screech owls (13:13)
the rock at echo point (08:25)
parties at the condo (09:05) [explicit]
upper peninsula rain (07:44) [explicit]
a beautiful deception (06:31)
remember to remember (06:18)
diving suits and summer clothes (68:58) [explicit]
tides in the moonlight (73:53)
farewelldrone (77:36)

total time: 296:17

[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
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Released: 13 June 2020
Catalog number:OSC059AS014LP296:17



swimming in the marina — contains a sample of River winter heard above from foot-bridge by lwdickens.

sunsets and sangria — contains a sample of Rural sunset May Engelen NL 160531_0890 by klankbeeld.

a sanctuary for screech owls — contains a sample of screech_owl by ivolipa.

the rock at echo point — contains a sample of Indian Springs State Park Sunset Insects Soundscape 3.21.17 by GnomeKid.

upper peninsula rain — contains samples of Gentle Rain by shelbyshark and Rain distant thunder by papedo.

a beautiful deception — contains samples of Rural Outdoor Dawn Ambience by Yap_Audio_Production and Hi welcome back by AmeAngelofSin.

remember to remember — contains samples of TokyoElectionMessage2001 by strawberryviagra and PrairieSummer_ambience by dsebeste.

tides in the moonlight — contains samples of THUNDEROUS NOISE 001 by sandyrb, PrairieSummer_ambience by dsebeste, AtmosAirportAbujaHallNoisy by v_hazard, Jarry Park, MontrĂ©al, QC by mkhayata, and Train Station and Town Hall Ambience by kentdavies959.

farewelldrone — contains samples of passed by rv lo e by ERH and Tape Hiss from Blank Tape - No NR by kiijaz.


Dynamic range stats for Farewell From The Lighthouse

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR12		-1.60 dB 	-17.34 dB 	01 from the beginning.wav
 DR10		-2.56 dB 	-15.76 dB 	02 fist 2019.wav
 DR12		-2.73 dB 	-16.26 dB 	03 swimming in the marina.wav
 DR12		-2.09 dB 	-17.62 dB 	04 sunsets and sangria.wav
 DR12		-1.67 dB 	-15.04 dB 	05 a sanctuary for screech owls.wav
 DR11		-2.10 dB 	-15.29 dB 	06 the rock at echo point.wav
 DR12		-1.62 dB 	-17.67 dB 	07 parties at the condo.wav
 DR10		-1.70 dB 	-14.66 dB 	08 upper peninsula rain.wav
 DR12		-1.98 dB 	-18.77 dB 	09 a beautiful deception.wav
 DR10		-2.66 dB 	-17.96 dB 	10 remember to remember.wav
 DR12		-2.11 dB 	-16.80 dB 	11 diving suits and summer clothes.wav
 DR13		-2.17 dB 	-18.13 dB 	12 tides in the moonlight.wav
 DR11		-1.44 dB 	-14.20 dB 	13 farewelldrone.wav

 Number of files:	11
 Official DR value:	DR11



Creative Commons License
Farewell From The Lighthouse by Abandoned Shorelines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.





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