The Sheltering Sand (recorded 18 Aug 2016 — 23 September 2016)

Here it is. The first album of all original material from Abandoned Shorelines, and the first ambient album of all original material in about a year and 4 months. I think I managed to get the sound I was always looking for but never quite nailed with Rural Citizens Band. Best album ever by Ratan X? I'd say so...

The title is kind of/sort of an homage to the Paul Bowles novel The Sheltering Sky. I honestly have not read it (nor seen the film adaptation), but I do know that Neurosis sampled the movie, and King Crimson has a really great song named The Sheltering Sky. Someday I should really look into reading it. I thought it's a beautiful mental image, only I didn't want to steal the title wholesale, so I gave it a shoreline overhaul.

Obvious beach theme is obvious, but I think I did a good job of not being too corny. You might disagree. The separation of Disc One and Disc Two is just a "what if" for any future physical releases of this album. This will never happen.


  The Sheltering Sand cover
The Sheltering Sand back cover

***disc one (56:03)***
intro (5:55)
bioluminescence (11:15)
interlude 1 (3:03)
under the Yukon River (11:53)
green flash (13:33)
the gulf of Mexico (7:06)
interlude 2 (3:18)
***disc two (59:08)***
river distress (7:32)
crimson undertow (22:17)
burnt out oil rigs (6:59)
interlude 3 (2:58)
drowning without tears (13:40)
outro (5:42)

total time: 115:11

[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]

[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]
[ flac ]

Look at the album artwork
Released: Christmas 2016
Catalog number:OSC047AS006LP115:11

Credits & Samples

Album cover: finding shelter by hermitsmoores.
back cover star: Emma Stone


Interlude 1, 2 & 3 — contains samples of Tape Hiss by greenvwbeetle

Under the Yukon River — contains samples of indoor_ apartments_hall_noise by reznik_Krkovicka

Green Flash — contains samples of underwater by monica137142 and UnderwaterDrowning01 by Abolla

Gulf of Mexico — contains samples of Rain in Mexico City and Windmill mechanism recorded by a contact-microphone, New Mexico, USA both by felix.blume

River Distress — contains samples of TokyoElectionMessage2001 by strawberryviagra and female running scared, calm:this night I should have been better home both by 11linda

Crimson Undertow — contains samples of victim girl by killbaybee, real soft crying by Reitanna and Shark01 by acclivity

Burnt Out Oil Rigs — contains samples of Muffled Pipe Draining by animationIsaac, Tunnel ambience 150Hz wide (like road tunnel)_more_tunnely by Timbre, and Industrial Air Horn by mcpable.

Drowning without tears — contains samples of UnderwaterDrowning01 by Abolla


Dynamic range stats for The Sheltering Sand

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR10		-0.20 dB 	-11.38 dB 	01 intro.aiff
 DR18		-0.28 dB 	-20.67 dB 	02 bioluminescence.aiff
 DR12		-0.23 dB 	-13.46 dB 	03 interlude 1.aiff
 DR13		-1.67 dB 	-19.13 dB 	04 under the Yukon River.aiff
 DR15		-0.36 dB 	-16.84 dB 	05 green flash.aiff
 DR12		-2.92 dB 	-15.68 dB 	06 the gulf of mexico.aiff
 DR15		-0.77 dB 	-19.16 dB 	07 interlude 2.aiff
 DR15		-1.88 dB 	-20.61 dB 	08 river distress.aiff
 DR15		-1.17 dB 	-17.15 dB 	09 crimson undertow.aiff
 DR12		-0.02 dB 	-13.77 dB 	10 burnt out oil rigs.aiff
 DR12		-0.53 dB 	-14.51 dB 	11 interlude 3.aiff
 DR15		-2.42 dB 	-21.78 dB 	12 drowning without tears.aiff
 DR11		-1.12 dB 	-13.79 dB 	13 outro.aiff

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR13



Creative Commons License
The Sheltering Sand by Abandoned Shorelines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.





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