A Season With The Brain Police Redux (recorded 15 Jan 2017 -- 7 February 2017)

Around the time I made the XR1300 album A Dream Of A Lost City, I planned to make the followup album a very short and quick one. Dream became somewhat of an unwieldy monster, even by my own bloated standards. And that followup was called A Season With The Brain Police.

I was proud I was able to make a super short album, but always felt the songs needed more room to breathe. And now, I (somewhat) make an ambient version of my 2nd shortest album into my longest album ever!

I say somewhat because I was never able to get satisfactory versions of ES Gets Her Just Deserts and Brainiac Vs The Radio Pirate. Instead, I put ambient remakes of A Girl With Antlers and Beware The Owl of Minerva.

This is my statement...

  A Season With The Brain Police Redux cover
A Season With The Brain Police Redux back cover

Disc One (Opening The Neurons) [78:53]
a dance with an angel - 12:35
intercrural love - 11:07
a girl with antlers - 6:00
arugula - 5:42
uranus and neptune - 6:06
owl of minerva - 7:23
strong shouldered girls - 12:10
logan couture - 11:27
rogue helicopter - 6:25
Disc Two (Brainstorm Across The Galaxy) [78:52]
world cup - 3:25
fluid rapture - 8:16
obsession - 5:37
listen to your heart bleed - 61:34

total time: 157:45



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Released: 13 June 2017
Catalog number:OSC053AS009LP157:45



Center spread is a mashup between Underground Tunnel by Erik Schepers and Flourish by Sinful Rhapsody.


sleet cancels the world cup — contains samples of 4-1-09 Manoa ambient test by mmcdona1 and sleet by AmyG.

respect the rogue helicopter pilot — contains samples of David Thompson vs the rogue helicopter pilot.

a dance with an angel — contains a sample of Female hero rpg request by 11linda.

fluid rapture — contains samples of tnscities by cosica_s, party people by AmyG, 185 Drum n Bass by MuSiCjUnK, Drop_da_Beat_83BPM by M-RED, Drum n Bass Loop 1 by PotatoHamburger, Drum 'n Bass Loop 160BPM by pstitz.

Logan Couture is a whiney little bitch — contains samples of 1, 2, 3, 4 all by AmyG.


Dynamic range stats for A Season With The Brain Police Redux

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR15		-1.50 dB 	-20.50 dB 	01 a dance with an angel.aiff
 DR12		-1.30 dB 	-16.01 dB 	02 intercrural love.aiff
 DR12		-1.50 dB 	-14.81 dB 	03 a girl with antlers.aiff
 DR9		-1.44 dB 	-12.78 dB 	04 an amusing anecdote about arugula.aiff
 DR11		-1.42 dB 	-13.37 dB 	05 uranus and neptune forever together in love.aiff
 DR11		-2.39 dB 	-14.67 dB 	06 beware of the owl of minerva.aiff
 DR11		-1.52 dB 	-14.06 dB 	07 strong shouldered girls.aiff
 DR11		-1.30 dB 	-14.17 dB 	08 Logan Couture is a whiney little bitch.aiff
 DR13		-2.23 dB 	-17.02 dB 	09 respect the rogue helicopter pilot.aiff
 DR9		-1.65 dB 	-12.37 dB 	10 sleet cancels the world cup.aiff
 DR11		-1.99 dB 	-14.99 dB 	11 fluid rapture.aiff
 DR12		-1.30 dB 	-15.03 dB 	12 callipygian obsession.aiff
 DR13		-1.41 dB 	-16.37 dB 	13 listen to your heart beat.aiff

 Number of files:	13
 Official DR value:	DR11



Creative Commons License
A Season With The Brain Police Redux by Abandoned Shorelines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.





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