Tomboy Drone (recorded 20–22 February & 3 June – 7 July 2017)

Funny how this 4 track release is almost as long as the double cd I released in June...

These are some of my favorite songs about one of my favorite subjects. Tomboys are one of the best things in life and I hope these songs do them justice.

As of this release, the title track is the longest Abandoned Shorelines song yet.

  Tomboy Drone cover
Tomboy Drone back cover

Tomboy Drone (62:40)
Prince Shima Is Love (28:48)
Spooned By A Tomboy (22:28)
Tomboy Fun (27:09)

total time: 141:04


Look at the album artwork
Released: 13 August 2017
Catalog number:OSC054AS010LP141:04



Center spread is a mashup between abandoned by Jarle Refsnes and abandoned by Herman Layos.


Prince Shima Is Love contains samples of — weird piano loop by zagi2 and lucid drone by decembered.

Spooned By A Tomboy contains samples of — cicadas behind Kroger by dan_keck, birds_distanttraffic by hannagreen, Quiet Road Lanzarote LZ30 Light Wind 1 and Quiet Road Lanzarote LZ30 Light Wind 2 both by StrangeAcoustics.


Dynamic range stats for Tomboy Drone

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR11		-1.11 dB 	-13.14 dB 	01 tomboy drone.aiff
 DR9		-1.42 dB 	-13.42 dB 	02 prince shima is love.aiff
 DR11		-1.54 dB 	-16.54 dB 	03 spooned by a tomboy.aiff
 DR11		-2.16 dB 	-15.43 dB 	04 tomboy fun.aiff

 Number of files:	4
 Official DR value:	DR10



Creative Commons License
Tomboy Drone by Abandoned Shorelines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.





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